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SEO optimization

Adjusting your site to Google standards and improving its rankings in Google's natural search results

Site Diagnostics

An in-depth look at your site's technical nature, Google search engine compatibility, and user browsing experience.

Social Networks

Today, social networking is a must for any self-respecting business entity


A means of conveying a direct message to prospective and existing customers

Web site development and development

It is our job to tell your organization's story in the most accurate and high-quality way

Funded promotion

Predefined advertising campaigns that target the carefully selected target audience


Founded in 2017 by Yael Charbit

The company is a boutique company that carefully chooses its customers.
We at DigitalMy consider direct contact with the customer to be of paramount value.
It is important for us to give each customer personal attention and therefore we maintain close business relationship with our customers.
Our vision is to accompany the best companies in the Israeli economy over time.


Let's work


Website building and promotion is a world full of unlimited goals and creativity

I see myself as a value-creating partner, my role in telling your organization’s story in such a digital, creative and unique way that creates a positive user experience on the one hand and awareness on the other.

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Customers recommend

הזמנתי שירות מקצועי מחברת דיגיטלמי והגעתי לתוצאות בזק מהירות וחשיפה גבוהה
ספא קוסל
דיגיטלמי בנו לי אתר חנות מדהים העונה על כל הצרכים של העסק, שמח מאוד מהשירות והתמיכה לכל אורך הדרך
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גרעיני אדם
Working with Digitalme has been a pleasant experience that I will repeat again. Careful and effective work where errors and details have been looked at with magnifying glass. I will definitely repeat. resizeimage.v4
Mi maquilladora
אני עובד עם דיגיטלמי בתחום האיקומרס, הם עושים עבודה מעולה, שירותיות ומענה נפלאים, שמח לעבוד איתם כל פעם מחדש.
דיגיטלמי קידמו את העמוד העסקי שלנו בפייסבוק בצורה אורגנית ובו זמנית בדקו עוד ערוצים שבהם האתר והעסק יוכלו להיות מקודמים, הראו הרבה עניין ושירותיות מצויינת
ש.י הפקות
Digitalme has managed several projects for security companies that I work with. I highly reccomend working with them.
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Get initial consultation and crawl of your site for free