My name is Yael Charbit, I founded DigitalMe in 2017 with the desire to combine creative marketing oriented and challenging work.

I chose the field as a result of my love for the digital world and my desire to fix, to improve and maximize every website that I get  exposed to.

I think every website needs to be serviced regularly, just as we regularly handle our vehicles, maintain our apartment and take care of ourselves.
A website that is not regularly treated radiates the company in a negative light and is a showcase that does not match the company itself.


Digitalme specializes in building websites for Israeli and international customers with full cooperation with the client, these websites should reflect the company’s marketing goals and strategic vision while reaching a large number of potential target audience while maintaining ongoing site optimization, keeping it up to date with the frequent changes and updates of Google’s search engines.

Digitalme also works across

all social networks in organic and sponsored promotion.

We at Digitalme, keep in direct contact with the customer and are always attentive to their needs.