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PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click

This is an Internet advertisement that works according to a method that the advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the ad and moves to the advertiser’s website or landing page.

A number of platforms support this advertising method, one of which is called Adwards – Google’s sponsored advertising platform.

The benefits of this organic advertising method compared to organic are:

  • The ease and speed with which an advertising campaign can be set up.
  • Standing out, the ads are posted at the top of the search results page or in a separate column on the side which causes the user’s eyes to be attracted to them first, a large part of the users are still unaware that these are ads and attribute them the same level of credibility as the regular search result.
  • It is possible to target advertising to a particular geographic area so that the ad does not appear to users in geographic areas that are irrelevant to the advertiser.
  • Display the ad by selecting certain hours during the day.
  • You can tell how effective each ad is by the number of users who click on it relative to those exposed to it, which means the advertiser can continually improve the campaign and make it more effective.

Sponsored advertising consists of several variables that work in parallel:

  • The first one is the amount of payment, within Google an auction is made and the advertiser who offers the highest payment gets the best place.
  •  The quality of the advertising, Google prioritizes advertisers who work properly and give users relevant results to what they are looking for, these advertisers pay less and rank higher.
  • Landing page quality and relevance
  • Ad quality
  • The connection between the ad and what the users are looking for.

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