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What is SEO? 

SEO is an acronym for Search engine optimization – free translation – search engine optimization.

The SEO process in Hebrew is called Organic SEO. This process is used to improve inbound website traffic coming from Google’s search engine and also improves its ranking in the results.

The search engine is basically an algorithm whose job is to categorize webpages according to their content and answer search engine user queries.

Google’s search engine is a secret formula that, by testing a large number of parameters, now probably a few hundred, can decide which is a better site and better than others for the search queries, Google also small software agents, their role to scan the network, find, Rank web pages and check their content.

What is SEO?

The quality of the page and the relevance of the content to the search query will determine its place in the result pages that Google provides to those who conduct the search.

The ambition, of course, is to appear on the first page among the top 10 results, SEO activity is making our site more Google-friendly as well as surfers, so we increase the likelihood that the site will appear higher on the relevant results pages and at the same time be accessible and user-friendly.

SEO promotion is currently built from multiple strata, technical, design, content and user experience, each contributing their own part in promoting the site to the desired search results.

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